Synthetics is an audio visual project created by Ben Cook. He is also Founder & Creative Director at Radio Design.


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Visuals for Nomaton at Volt 2011

It was great to be invited back to perform at Volt Festival for a third year running, and we were privileged to team up with Nomaton whose latest EP recently made #2 in Berlin’s Techno charts.

Visuals: Instructions
Camera: Anders Carleö
Blowjob (simulated): Johan Holm of the Vidiots

Read more about the gig at Instructions

Live visuals at VJ Festival in Erlangen

Mike and I headlined at VJ Festival at E-Werk in Erlangen, Germany on 6th November 2010.

Visuals: Instructions (Synthetics & The Midi Thief)

Camera: Erik Schneider

Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics

Synthetics performing live visuals for Finnish synth pop duo Villa Nah at The Drop, London on 7th July 2010.

Special thanks to Tom Bunning for his beautiful camerawork.


Music -
Villa Nah

Visuals, Edit and Post Production -
Ben Cook

Director of Photography -
Tom Bunning

A film by Synthetics.

Performing visuals for The Orb at Volt 2010

Synthetics and The Midi Thief performing live visuals for The Orb at the Volt 2010 festival in Uppsala, Sweden on 5th June.

Read more about the gig at Instructions

Visuals for Daniel Skoglund at Volt 2009

A short clip of some of my live visuals with Instructions at Volt 2009. Live music performed by Daniel Skoglund.

Highlights at Volt 2009

The first 3’38″ of this video is Synthetics’ performance with Instructions at Volt 2009.

Visuals: Instructions (Synthetics & The Midi Thief), Vidiots & Lysbang.

Music: Daniel Skoglund, Differnet, Lisa Nordström, Unai, Raiders of the Lost Arp, Tomas Andersson, Cassy.